Toothpaste Peribioma Gengive, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Peribioma Pro Gingive tooth paste without fluoride Protects the gums: soothes the mucous membrane, heals and regenerates the gum tissue Moisturizing and protective hyaluronic acid strengthens sensitive gums This innovative toothpaste with natural ingredients works not only on the...
Toothpaste Night Intensive, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Night Intensive toothpaste for protecting teeth during the night. Prevents the formation of bacteria. Repairs enamel microscratches. Protects enamel from nighttime erosion by neutralizing the attack of bacteria active at night. Zinc PCA and xylitol neutralize bacterial activity that...
Toothpaste Pro White, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Pro White toothpaste without Fluoride The unique formula of Biorepair® Pro White toothpaste combines the properties of microRepair®, biomimetic particles capable of restoring enamel and dentin, with the properties of PVP, an innovative, patented whitening polymer technology. Microparticles remineralize...
Toothpaste Sensitive Repair, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Fast Sensitive Repair toothpaste without fluoride Contains 16% nano-hydroxyapatite in a proprietary microrepair formula that acts as liquid enamel. It effectively remineralizes and restores damaged tooth enamel and dentin, fills sensitive tooth necks and fills open dentinal tubules. Thus,...
Toothpaste Active Shield, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Active Shield toothpaste complex for protection Prevents the formation of bacteria. Repairs enamel microscratches. Reduces levels of Streptococcus Mutans, the main cause of tooth decay. The use of Biorepair is also allowed for children under 6 years of age...
Kids toothpaste Junior 6+, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Junior toothpaste. Age: 6 - 12 years The paste contains microRepair 15% (Liquid enamel), vitamin E and has a pleasant taste of natural fine mint. Without fluoride. It reliably protects and restores damaged enamel, carefully and delicately protects the...
Toothpaste Total Protective Repair, 75 ml
BIOREPAIR Total Protective Repair toothpaste complex for protection It restores the enamel surface, protecting the natural health of teeth from plaque, tartar build-up, caries and acid erosion BioRepair Absolute Protection & Repair toothpaste is a completely safe, low-abrasive toothpaste (RDA...
Kids toothpaste 0+, 50 ml
BIOREPAIR Kids toothpaste. With the taste of wild strawberries. Age: 0 - 6 years Protects against caries and makes teeth stronger and healthier. Contains microRepair®, which fights caries and strengthens tooth enamel. Fluorine free. Without dyes. Country of manufacture: Italy....
Toothbrush with cap Antibacterial Soft, 1 pc.
BIOREPAIR toothbrush with cap Soft - with soft bristles 1 pcs.
Mouthwash for sensitive gums Protezione Gengive, 500 ml
BIOREPAIR mouthwash for sensitive gums This is a unique product with natural ingredients, ideal for people with gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc.) The rinse formula contains hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, spirulina, calendula, castor oil, vitamins A and E,...
Children's toothpaste with grape extract Kids 0+, 50 ml
BIOREPAIR Kids children's toothpaste With grape extract Age: 0 - 6 years Protects against caries and makes teeth stronger and healthier Contains microRepair®, which fights caries and strengthens tooth enamel Without fluoride Without dyes Country of manufacture: Italy 50 ml...
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