Hairspray with extra strong hold Bed Head Master Piece, 340 ml
TIGI Bed Head hairspray with extra strong hold Unisex Hair spray provides serious hold Formulated with simethicone for incredibly shiny hair Polymers that provide long-lasting firm hold for any hairstyle Exotic tropical fragrance 340 ml
Hair volumizing cream Bed Head Small Talk, 240 ml
TIGI Bed Head Volumizing Cream for Fine Hair Unisex Volumizing hair cream With a particularly pleasant fruity aroma Helps create thicker and more voluminous hair Use 2-3 pumps on damp hair, then blow dry and style as usual Perfect for...
Trouble Maker Dry Spray Wax, 200 ml
TIGI Bed Head Dry Spray Wax Get instant texture and style with Trouble Maker TM Dry Spray Wax! This lightweight, texturizing spray improves hair texture and hold The wax spray also nourishes and moisturizes, leaving hair soft and touchable with...
Hair spray with linseed oil, 250 ml
BILBA hairspray with linseed oil The mixture of precious oil obtained from linseed and liquid crystals gives Bilba hairspray softening and moisturizing properties, creating a soft and flexible hold with excellent shine and volume Designed for a natural result, it...
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Volume increasing spray Queen For A Day, 311 ml
TIGI Bed Head Volumizing Day Spray Ideal for thin and flat hair The best product to restore volume, body and vitality to fine and tired hair Protects against sunlight Contains a UV filter Moisturizes and nourishes Pleasant fresh fruity aroma...
Cream for curly hair Bed Head Curls Rock Amplifier, 113 ml
TIGI Bed Head Cream for Curly Hair Curl highlighting and shaping cream With a pleasant aroma Moisturizes and conditions curls, leaving curly hair shiny and healthy 113 ml
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Hair mousse for curly hair Foxy Curls Bed Head, 250 ml
TIGI Bed Head Hair Mousse for strong hold for curly hair The foam gives the curls a strong hold, helping to keep the shape and highlight the curls for a long time It also protects against heat, controls frizz and...
Hair spray with wheat germ and ceramides, 250 ml
BILBA hairspray with wheat germ and ceramides Strong hold, professional formula, volume and nutrition Designed for a natural result, it provides extra strong, long-lasting hold It doesn't weigh down or leave a residue, it can be removed with a brush...
Matu putas Ricci Perfetti, 200 ml
BILBA 'Perfect Curls' hair mousse. With ceramides and argan drop. Revives curls, 24h against frizz. Without silicones, does not dry out the hair. Professional formula with extra strong hold. Usage: Shake well before use. 200 ml
Hair wax with linseeds and liquid crystals, 100 ml
BILBA wax with linseed and liquid crystals Modeling with flexible fixation Leaves no residue Gives volume and shine Perfect for fixing hairstyles With an even fresher scent that leaves no residue, perfect for dry hair too With a light wet...
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Ecological lock water, 400 ml
MALIZIA Ecological strong hold hairspray. Strong fixation. A line of hairspray designed to give hair a natural shine and softness without weighing it down. Does not contain parabens and silicone. 400 ml
Loreal Satin Forte Matu Laka, 75 ml
ELNETT Loreal Paris Satin Forte hairspray. With strong fixation. Natural gloss effect. With a pleasant smell. 75 ml
Loreal Normal Satin Matu Laka, 75 ml
ELNETT Satin LOREAL PARIS hairspray. Natural gloss effect. With a pleasant smell. 75 ml
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Smoothing cream Bed Head After Party, 100 ml
TIGI Bed Head smoothing cream Discover the magic of Tigi Bed Head After Party smoothing cream! This smoothing cream is designed to give you silky, shiny and healthy hair. It attracts frizz, adds shine and makes your hair soft and...
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Professional hair styling foam with strong hold, 300 ml
FRANK PROVOST professional hair styling mousse with strong hold Formula with natural seaweed extract and glucose Usage: Shake well before use Manufacturer: L'Oréal Italia SpA 300 ml
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